Two Danes

Quality for 25 years

A simple and strong design philosophy

The design philosophy of Two Danes is as simple as it is viable. We always start with the perfect timeless design. Then we add a cut, a colour and a detail which characterizes the design according to season.

With a style from Two Danes one therefore gets the feeling that the style is in fashion this year and classic next year.

Quality above all

Two Danes uses few small quality-conscious suppliers. It is usually small family owned companies where the respect for good handcraft has been passed on for generations.

Except for a few, Two Danes has worked with the same suppliers for 25 years. We know how dependant they are on us and they know our demands with regards to quality and precision. Therefore we only reluctantly leave a supplier. 


Unique cooperation

This means that our suppliers have a unique understanding of Two Danes´ design language and that Two Danes has achieved a thorough knowledge of our suppliers´ production methods.

Every season our design team creates a collection with over 100 different styles. And because of the excellent cooperation with our suppliers almost all the styles are produced.

Two Danes

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