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Environment and people

Two Danes strives to ensure that the production of our clothes is done under proper ethical circumstances. Our main suppliers are based in the Far East and this requires special demands from us when meeting with cultures which in many ways differ from our own in terms of values, manners and way of living. Below Two Danes explains its position on vital ethical problems.

Child labour

Under no circumstances do we accept child labour, which prevents children from being children. Every child has the right to play and to go to school. Most of the companies that we work with are small family-owned companies and their survival often depends on the next generation learning from the first generation. We fully accept that one from childhood can learn the craft from ones parents as long as children still can be children.

Many children in the third world contribute to the household in the same way it has been done in Denmark all the way up through the 20th century. And the survival of the family often depends on every member contributing to the daily tasks. If Two Danes was to forbid children helping out at home it would have serious and far-reaching consequences for the involved families.

It could end up being the difference between an acceptable life and life-threatening poverty. Flatly refusing that children can contribute to the local production can often have the consequence of hurting the local society for good. This does however not change our fundamental value: if we learn that a supplier is using children to do the work of an adult the cooperation is brought to an end immediately







All children have the right to play and to
go to school.



Work conditions and environment

Two Danes aims at using fabrics which are produced under conditions that claim the utmost protection of the people and the environment. It is only within recent years that such claims have become of importance within the industry.

Two Danes supports every initiative within the trade which aims at improving the conditions for the people and the environment – especially in the third world.

We also try to make the processes that we can control as environmentally friendly as possible. Today we recycle all packaging that has not been broken. It is a small contribution, but a step in the right direction.

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